Our Team

Administrative Staff

The first thing you see when walking into the clinic are the front office staff’s smiling faces. Our office staff handles scheduling, insurance inquiries, and so much more.

Manuel C. Sanchez 

Physical Therapist & Owner

Manny opened Castroville Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Rehabilitation in 2010, starting with just a couple of patients and himself. In the past seven years, the clinic has grown to seeing well over one hundred patients a week and still manages to provide above average, quality care. Walking into the clinic, we strive to make every patient feel like family. We don’t just care about the injury itself and your rehab, we care about the quality of life you experience and what we can do to improve it. Usually patients attend PT for at least one month, and many times several months. You become more than a patient, but a part of the family. You’ll make friends with the staff and fellow patients, as we hope to provide a friendly atmosphere and support system to bring you back to health. This is not a dreary place like some in-patient facilities, this is not a gym where others judge you on how much you can lift, this isn’t a drill field where you are told what to do and that is it. But this also is not a massage parlor meant to just make your muscles feel good. This is Castroville Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Rehabilitation, using our hands to accelerate the healing process as we guide you through a personal rehabilitation program to bring you back to health stronger and better than ever.

25 Years of Experience in Medicine and Orthopedics:
Athletic Trainer for three professional hockey teams:

  • San Antonio Iguanas
  • Tulsa Oilers
  • San Antonio Rampage

Assistant Athletic Trainer for UTSA
San Antonio Rampage Physical Therapist

Physical Therapy Assistants 

Our Physical Therapy Assistants are those who will assess your needs and improvement on a daily basis. They will work closely with you to tweak your program based on your individual needs. They will also be the ones who provide manual therapy for you.


Our Techs 

Our technicians are those who you will personally work with throughout your appointments. They guide you throughout your therapy and provide feedback to gain the most out of the appointment. The technicians are the first line of our staff to turn to with questions pertaining to your exercises or ongoing needs.